The Brain As a Wavelength Receiver

The Brain As a Wavelength Receiver

An Excerpt from of Ramtha, “The Brain — The Creator of Reality and a Lofty Life”

In this excerpt, Ramtha illustrates how the brain is a wavelength receiver and has the capability of receiving and decoding all kinds of streams of thoughts, some ours and some from other sources, including ghosts, cell phones and news broadcasts, as well as extraordinary streams of consciousness from greater sources and minds that bombard us constantly. Find out more here about that precious organ inside our heads and its extraordinary latent potential:

“The brain is capable of going all the way up the spectrum and process information that is so out of range of scientific, human understanding. This brain can do it because it was created by Gods who could use the brain to perceive the whole of what they are all the way back to Point Zero.”

— Ramtha

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