Preprogrammed to be a Prisoner in Three-Dimensional Reality

Preprogrammed to be a Prisoner in Three-Dimensional Reality

An Excerpt from Ramtha, “The Brain — The Creator of Reality and a Lofty Life”

“You are stuck in a three-dimensional reality because your brain is attuned in its memory and in its social construction to deny any reality other than the reality that constitutes linear time.”  

— Ramtha


“Dimensional mind is this. You are stuck in a three-dimensional reality because your brain is attuned in its memory and in its social construction to deny any reality other than the reality that constitutes linear time. Let us bring it to this assumption. If you can’t see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, and hear it, then you don’t think it is real. What does that say about you? It says that you are stuck in this world and are a prisoner of your body by virtue of your own will and you have determined that what is real can be consumed by the body in its sensual state. Unless you can consume it in your body in its sensual state, it isn’t real. When I say consumption, I am saying you see it, you taste it, it is sweet like wine. You hear it and it is melodious, floating on the evening sky. You feel it and it is a warm, balmy, bracing wind. It has to have all of those aspects for you to determine it real.

“If you are the organizer of your reality, the judge of what comes into your life, then you must have a very sophisticated system set up in your brain that rejects every moment of the day any incoming, potential possibilities that offer themselves up as multidimensional experiences. Why, you wouldn’t even know your own God if it tried to talk to you because in your mind your image has rejected it all in favor of making it taste good. The greatest necromancer the student has is that the student has set up the rules and has created a guardian in the brain, not a guardian in consciousness. The reptilian brain is the image brain — it most certainly is — but the lower cerebellum, which encompasses the central nervous system, is the divine brain and they are closely attached.

“In your great body, that which is termed your lightbody, your ultraviolet body, your God is messaging to you information. Your brain is like a great receiver and it floods you with thoughts that are presented in the here and now in the bands. The brain has those thoughts available to it to electrify and fill the entire body with a realization through the central nervous system. A realization — real-i-zation — is a thought that breaks through your limitations and floods the entire central nervous system. It actually bypasses the image. Somehow it got through there — maybe it was those long hours on Paradise Beach — you finally gave up, you didn’t care anymore, and it happened.

“The lower cerebellum is receiving at a constant — not linearly, at a constant — the all-wise, knowing intelligence. But your image refuses to infiltrate that knowledge and those impulses to the rest of the brain and therefore your conscious mind is barren, so it derives and entertains itself from memories. It remembers something, and in place of illumination it is remembering. It doesn’t have true illumination. It is remembering. More often than not, some of what you thought were your realizations were nothing but memories pieced together and accepted because your conscious mind, via your image, would not allow the truth to come in so you reconstructed it. If you have the ultimate judge, as you would call it in your language, sitting in your brain, then that is the one who preferred the physical reality over the second one. And that is body/mind consciousness”

“If consciousness and energy are creating reality, you have consciously given the edict to judge all possible things that enter into the brain’s hemispheres that have to pass through the image of yes and no. The greatest path to enlightenment is removing the judge, removing the arbitrator.”

— Ramtha


“I want you to refer to this most beautiful, singular truth. If consciousness and energy are creating the nature of reality, then you have consciously selected to be physical in your expression rather than conscious in your expression. That is the cost of being a human being and wearing a garment for God.

“If consciousness and energy are creating reality, you have consciously given the edict to judge all possible things that enter into the brain’s hemispheres that have to pass through the image of yes and no. The greatest path to enlightenment is removing the judge, removing the arbitrator. This school is about the removal of the arbitrator and addressing the necromancer. Why is change so hard to have happen in your life? Because you can’t realize the concept. If you could realize the concept — consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality — then that realization promotes reality. But what occurs in the image brain is that it dabbles in its own titillating answers. Rather than expressing the truth, it excuses its behavior and realizations don’t happen. That is the student who says it was a wonderful teaching and goes and answers the doorbell.

“Consciousness and energy are creating the reality, the law of God. How conscious are you and what do you prefer? Do you prefer the real thing — or the real thing? If you were to succor to knowledge and long thoughts — and if you could ride a long thought in stillness and if that was ultimate reality to you — then you would begin to manifest a life in which all of those realities tag after you as an afterthought rather than excelling yourself in the physical reality.

“How am I going to get you to do that? I have been earnestly laboring all of these years. I have tried shock, pain, time, fatigue, hunger, fullness. I have done a lot of things — other than throwing you off the cliff — to where you have to bypass your necromancer, the image. The human brain has its own controller, indeed its arbitrator, indeed that which is termed its necromancer. It cohabitates in the mind of the subconscious mind or the lower cerebellum, or let’s just say the back of the head. The reptilian, primitive brain stores the image. It gives the orders or edicts to the left and right hemispheres of the frontal cortex — the front and the center of the head.

“What is the image’s job? The image’s original duty as primitive human was to make known the unknown. The image had the ability to swing in time. It created time by forecasting the future by reports of the past. It is the image who dreams the dream of longing. To a true master of this Great Work, the image is the mule in their reality. They ride it. It is their burden. They put upon it whatever they want. In your reality, it rides you.

“The image can only occupy three-dimensional space. It gives the orders to the interior of the brain and the front of the brain to produce holographic imagery. You could say that both sides of the left and right hemispheres at the front of the brain are screens for holographic imagery that the reptilian brain projects its images upon chemically.

“Memory is not located in any particular region. Memory is in each cell of the brain, all memory. What has happened over time is that the reptilian brain producing the image is the one running the senses in the physical body. In other words, it is the arbitrator who runs all the senses: the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the ears, the sense of feel. The reptilian brain arbitrates the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, keeps the heart beating. Since it has predominantly genetically been what has produced your conscious mind, you have grown up in a society that accepts that reality is not a matter of thought but a matter of sensual expression, and that has to do with time. I want you to pause for a moment and contemplate what I have told you thus far about the brain.

“Is it possible to become self-contained in one’s own remembered memories without any outside stimuli? In other words, is it possible that a person can be intellectually advanced to such a degree that they disbelieve and reject all phenomena other than what their scientific proof has offered and therefore shut the door on possibility? Is it possible for a person to live simply as a body/mind person? Yes, every day.

“I want you to contemplate this for a moment. You have a judge sitting in the middle of your head towards the back. You can’t feel it but it hears me talking to you. It can’t deny you are hearing this and I am calling it on what it is. It is a judge, a controller. If you reject me saying that, then you don’t accept anything else that I have to say so you have self-contained yourself for self-preservation. The controller is wonderful because all it needs is a body. It is body/mind consciousness. It controls all the cerebral cortex: what you see, how you see it, what you smell and how you smell, is it good or bad. It controls what you hear: is it loud or soft, is it wonderful, is it sad, is it happy, is it morose. Does this feel good or does it feel bad? The controller is working to make you feel good all the time so it rejects everything that makes you feel bad. You have to have a majority rule — at least three of your senses have to feel good.

“This controller by virtue of knowledge can memorize a lot of information. Remember, memory is chemical and it is biodegradable. The brain holds chemical memory. It is possible for a person to be shut off from their God and their subconscious mind completely. It is possible to shut the doors and keep within a three-dimensional mind and not open the doors for any growth at all. Many people in the world, from the most intelligent to the most ignorant, are self-contained in this fashion”

“Your image is the controller of the magnificent. What causes wakefulness is when somehow we bruise the image to such a degree that the subconscious mind flows forward all that is presented to itself.”

— Ramtha


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