Creating the Future As the Now – Ramtha Excerpt from “The Mind Gladiators of the Future”

Creating the Future As the Now – Ramtha Excerpt from “The Mind Gladiators of the Future”

Creating the Future As the Now

An Excerpt adapted from Ramtha, “The Mind Gladiators of the Future” by Jaime Leal Anaya

“The human being has a story that is tragic. The human being’s access to its own immortality, to its far memory and longevity has been blocked. The human being lives in a cage like an animal, and that cage is defined by its intelligence. There would never have been great teachers and indeed great Gods walk among you if it was not a truth that there is a path and a way for your deliverance. Your life is like the sky at night, filled with mystery and silence and opportunity. Every light possesses itself an unknown adventure and quietly beckons your gaze in its direction.”
— Ramtha

“To live an eternity you must consider the concept of years, for you know, they are an illusion, but to a creating mind they are very real indeed. Time marches on, as if years were a march of a great army that continues marching on. Yet, there is no such thing; it is all an illusion. But to an entity that lives in linear space, counting from here to there and that becomes their reality, then time and space are indeed real, and they provide the meaningful highway in which to exist in life. Without time and space, you would not have this life as you have come to know it.Given that that is an acceptance by you, you consider a year a beginning and an end, an Alpha and Omega, and time counting in a year exists. If that is so, and you understand your growth and you accept time, then it would be to your great advantage to begin the ending of the year in a celebration and see it all the way through in a moment. If that is done passionately, then you have created this next year that no thing will bruise or hurt you, that your destiny will be to live that year out.

“We cannot say that you are the lords of your reality and negate destiny. You are creators of destiny even when you created it unconsciously. You contemplated death, your ending, worried about your future and, instead, you have created a dubious life, a year that is uncertain rather than a year that is grounded in the fortitude of life forces.

“If we wish to celebrate this again, then we start the celebration right now of a year that has yet to unfold, and celebrate it as if it has already ended.

“Consciousness and energy then is creating reality and we are working within the parameters of your acceptance. Because you accept time, then let us create this year that it unfolds in the name of your God and not in the name of your worry and concern and your fear of death. If we create it in the name of God, and create it that it already reached its end, then your destiny will be to live life as the vessel of your God and you will not die nor will you be bruised.

“What does an immortal being do? A fledgling immortal is one who is not completely certain, one who has a watch but lives in the Now. I call them fledgling immortals. For you to become such is very simple. All you have to do is create that future as a Now. Create it, celebrate it and call it forward. When you call it forward in such profound passion, it will be so. Now we have an entity who is beginning to understand that the reason you are here is because you made it through this year. You made it, haphazardly, because you all believed in consciousness and energy but not all the way, not completely. There were points and times and fields you went through that brought you here. So you just barely made it.

“This year, make it as a conscious being, as you have learned that is how it unfolds. If you are an expert record keeper of your own proclamation, and you review your record in the year to come and its conclusion, you will see that by that most impassionate prayer and celebration you experienced those words, indeed, and that is what called it forth. It is then that you begin to understand that the way you become immortal is when you create immortality.

“You don’t create immortality based upon your description of immortality. What would your description be? How would you describe immortality? What do you think it is? It isn’t any of those things. How could it be? Immortality is beyond description. The frontal lobe in the brain does not have the facility to contemplate it; it does not have the training to contemplate it. The brain is trained to be a timeful being. Mindfulness is also time-fulness. Why must you have passion and what is passion? When you are overcome with the Spirit, the idea, the desire, the voluntariness of what you are saying. And when you surrender to those words and you become them, then you set it in motion because now we have energy, and this concept takes energy to unfold in its most unlimited degree.

“The human being has a story that is tragic. The human being’s access to its own immortality has been blocked. The human being’s access to its far memory and to its longevity has been blocked. The human being lives in a cage like an animal, and that cage is defined by its intelligence. The knowledge it has declares its parameters of existence. It is like a blind and deaf person, as if a dead entity is moving through life, unaware of the life that dances above its head. Human beings are tragic creatures, and yet, the tragedy ends when simple secrets are found for their relief.

“There would never have been great teachers and indeed great Gods walk among you if it was not a truth that there is a path and a way for your deliverance. Know you that this is the plane of demonstration? Do you know why you are here? You are here to define yourself outside of matter, and when you keep coming back to matter you have not defined yourself outside of it but rather have surrendered to it.

“The key of this teaching in this school is that your consciousness creates your reality, your imprisonment, your lacks, your fulfillments. Everything you have that sits in front of your table is what you have created. The human being’s most tragic part is that it will accept its limitations, its blindness, its chemical body. The human will accept the limitations of its flesh rather than volunteer itself for a higher principle, a loftier principle. And the tragedy is that this garment, given an opportunity on the plane of demonstration to awaken, goes through life asleep again.

“I want you to understand that I don’t keep anything from you that you are not ready to learn so that I can torment you. You just can’t learn until you have surrendered to learn. When you surrender to learn is when you say, “I volunteer my life for the loftiest principle of all. I give of myself that I may know that which I cannot know this moment.”

“When you do, you open the doors and the knowledge rushes toward you. When you sit down to focus because you want to focus, this is your charitable act. When you sit and engage in it — not sitting there thinking about what you should be doing, but in complete surrender — it is so sweet and so without limitation that whatever your mind lightly dances upon, becomes. The volunteer is shown mercy, tolerance, love and extended life. Volunteers have radiant health and the principles of knowing. They have a joy that sings from their being because they have volunteered their life.

“If an entity sits for fifty-three years in the lotus position, contemplating its misspent youth, he will have relived his life for another fifty-three years. That is boring and mundane. However, if the volunteer in the principle of the Great Work sits and focuses for fifty-three years, their focus would be upon pushing the boundaries that enclose them. Their focus is to break through, and one fine morn they will break through. The brain will start working on a higher level, those lofty thoughts will start manifesting, and all of the charitable work will finally pay off for the one who did it, only because they volunteered their life for it.

“If you have evolved, and clearly you can recognize it and can see in looking backward what you could not see then, do you not find that an irony? Looking backwards where? The name of your year that has passed is a number. It is not the Year of the Monkey. Time exists in your head. When you look back at your life in this last year, where did you go for the source of your information? In your memory. What you know now you did not know then. If you look back on then — which is now, but was then — you didn’t know what you know now.

“A year forward exists now. What does the year forward possess that you don’t know now? Do you not consider this a worthy question? What does the year forward hold that you do not know now? What kind of year is it? What is it that you want this year?

“We are headed into the Year of the Snake. What do you know now that you didn’t know but attempted to know? The year that comes already is. It already is; it has already happened. It is not the Year of the Monkey, it is the Year of the Snake. It has already happened. What is it that you did that year that went by so fast you didn’t know it happened?

“This is a mind twister. The Ram gives you a twister in the mind and some of you give up and scratch your rear ends and play with your hair because you can’t keep up with the thought. But the thought, by God, is what creates it all. And if you cannot reason, if you cannot reach for that thought and cannot contemplate that it already is, then how do you expect it to ever be?

“What is to say that the Year of the Snake has not already happened? Where I come from, it already has. The potential that lies ahead of you is vast. If you were to go outside and look into the midnight blue, and you saw that the sky in its darkness was dusted with shiny things, sparkling gems, some dancing quietly in the sky, you would see that your life in the year ahead is like that sky. Each one of those lights represents a chosen path. They represent an experience. You can go this way, that way, or this way. And if you look at it, you can understand that if you make certain choices by looking in this direction, then you are going to see only that direction and you are going to miss this other direction. If you look over here and you keep focused on that light over there, you’re going to miss these others.

“Your life is like the sky at night, filled with mystery and silence and opportunity. Every light possesses itself an unknown adventure and quietly beckons your gaze in its direction. When I looked at the sky at night, I thought I was looking in God’s treasure trove. So vast and so beautiful was the sky in those days, it taught me that if I focused on this direction, I was narrowed and missed all of the other directions. I realized that this was an unspoken teaching about my life, and therefore I engulfed the whole of the sky, beyond the North Star. I took its entire gaze into my life and dared for it all to be lived, and I did.

“So, my sleepy little human beings, when I pose this riddle your way, I am getting you to bounce out of logic into the mystical. I am challenging you to forward your mind into the unheard of. I am challenging you to keep up with my thought and, by doing so, you have to have the same thought. If you have the same thought and your attention is focused in that direction, then it is that thought whose destiny must come to pass in your life.

“I want you to wake up and contemplate. The year that has ended was filled to the brim of things to do. And did you do them? I expect you did. For in looking back, you accomplished and learned and were filled, and now you know. If this was backward in time and I asked you this question, dare you look forward to the end of next year? And you would say, “I am looking forward to the end of next year and I get impressions. It is as if I have lived them, as if I have known them.”

“If you saw that, you could say, “But, Master, it is only because I lived that year. If I go back in my mind and contemplate the beginning of the year, I have already lived that year. So if I have to go back to the beginning and remember what it was like, oh, yes, I can remember at that moment wanting these things to happen but was unsure of myself. But on reflection, I see that they all came to pass and indeed I changed.”

“So is this really a fair question? No, it isn’t. And yet, what can be done backwards in consciousness can be done forward in consciousness. Don’t you know? You are the Gods, the creators of reality. Your tragedy is that you accept your malady and do not challenge the parameters of the mystical.

“Now it is the end of next year; you have already lived the end of next year. What did you experience and how did you change? Can you do that? I want you to remember all that happened to you next year. I want you to remember what made you change and what it was you changed into, and remember this is the end of next year. I will show you how magic works in consciousness without time.

“When you start focusing on the end of next year, which your logical mind says hasn’t even really begun, if you focus on its end you will know the journey of where you have trod and what you have accomplished — you will know it.

“You are the Gods, the creators of reality.”

— Ramtha

Ramtha, “The Mind Gladiators of the Future”

(Copyright © Hun Nal Ye Publishing, 2013)


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