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Ancient Wisdom in Our History

Hun Na Ye Publishing was founded by Jaime Leal-Anaya, B.D., S.T.L., S.R., who is a writer and editor dedicated to the investigation of Ancient Wisdom in Our History.

One of the most important publications of Hun Nal Ye Publishing is the “North Star Ram” collection of new books of Ramtha’s teachings, created and edited by Jaime Leal-Anaya.

Here you will also find a variety of titles written, edited, and produced with the collaboration of Jaime Leal-Anaya, as well as other authors whose works are relevant to the main subject matter of Hun Nal Ye Publishing, Retracing the Footsteps of Ancient Wisdom in our History.

The Brain As a Wavelength Receiver

The Brain As a Wavelength Receiver

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